STOCK Update - Bonavita One Touch

This sought-after one-touch specialty coffee brewer is in stock in time for the Christmas rush.

Part of the enjoyment of great coffee is in the brewing itself, the fine art of the grind and pour brings delight in itself – and that’s before we’ve even tasted it. But, realistically, while we ALWAYS want to serve a great-tasting brew, we don’t always have that luxury of time, especially when you’re dealing with the Christmas shopping rush.

Bonavita’s One Touch 8 Cup Coffee Maker – is a game changer. It combines speed and clever brewing techniques to simplify the process and brewing an impressive 1.3L of specialty coffee in just 6 minutes. Ideal to keep the queues to a minimum and still serve up great quality coffee every time.

Pre-Infusion Mode to protect the flavour of your brew

Bonavita One Touch is packed with a raft of features that make this brewer a no-brainer to supplement any coffee shop workstation. It comes equipped with:

  • Pre-Infusion Mode – this brewer kicks off with a slow and steady pour to enable your coffee to bloom and prevent an infusion of bitter CO2.
  • Wide showerhead and a flat-bottomed filter – these smart features ensure even water distribution and maximise flavour.
  • Stable temperature control – maintaining a constant 93c-96c water to optimise coffee extraction.

This Speciality Coffee Association-approved brewer meets Gold standards in brewing performance and comes with a stainless steel carafe that’s perfect for heat retention, long-lasting and easy to clean.

From just £74.50 ex VAT (RRP £149.00) the One Touch will be a hit for commercial and home brewers alike and has been proved to be a popular purchase with our retail buyers.  

Simple specialty coffee brewing at home

Bonavita has delivered many “Best Buys,” and it’s not difficult to see why. With a dedicated team of engineers, product developers, and specialty coffee professionals on the team their main focus has been on simplifying the specialty coffee brewing process by developing equipment with smart features that assist each stage of the brewing process.

Bonavita equipment is loved by baristas around the globe for its precision and reliability.

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