Serve up a smile with the Clever Coffee Dripper in your café this year

Making sure your coffee shop stands out can be tricky. We get it. Do too much and you can appear gimmicky, too little and you’re invisible. Not to mention the cost of trying to go all-singing all-dancing to get people’s attention.

But you don’t have to throw a ton of money at something in order to get a good return. It’s often the simplest of things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to your coffee shop standing out – like how you make your customers feel when they visit you.

So how can you upgrade their coffee experience when they step foot in your café?

Clever by name clever by nature

Why not serve your coffee in a Clever Coffee Dripper?

It may sound simple but serving coffee this way is an easy means of elevating what can be a run of the mill, everyday experience, to one that will make even the most veteran of coffee drinkers smile. It’s a brilliant mechanism for making your customer feel like they’re getting something more interesting than your average flat white when they sit down to drink their coffee. And as not everyone will have seen one before, it’s a fantastic talking point for your baristas who can enlighten your customers on how great this nifty little device actually is!

Not only will this boost that coffee community feel we all know and love, but it’s a great way of making your customers more inclined to stay a while - a way of letting them know you want them to slow down, take it all in and enjoy. People can sometimes feel rushed when grabbing coffee, and while not everyone wants to sit down and slow down, there are plenty who would love the opportunity to be given that invitation!

And what about upselling?

The Clever Coffee Dripper could help you with that too! For customers who experience this ingenious device and want one of their own - you’re in luck! What started out as a low spend coffee now becomes an unexpected profit boost. You’ve not only given them a delectable coffee-drinking experience, but you’ve boosted your revenue and given your customers something to talk about to their friends (which means more custom coming your way – win win!)

So why not give it a go? We’ll make it easy for you – for every Clever Coffee Dripper you buy, we’ll throw in a pack of Filtropa Size 4 Filter Papers for free.

Get your Clever Coffee Dripper here.

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