Give the customers what they want: cold brew coffee


Say hello to the Toddy Cold Brew System Pro Series 75L V2

If you haven’t already added this bit of kit to your café arsenal, then you’ll definitely want to. The Toddy Cold Brew System Pro Series is designed with ease of use in mind – and large-volume brewing. This 75-litre brewers-grade stainless steel beast produces a gloriously fresh, practically sediment-free cold brew coffee, so your customers get to enjoy a consistently delicious beverage batch after batch. Yielding approximately 32 litres of concentrate with virtually no effort leaves you more time to serve and connect with your customers – win-win.

Cold Brew kit that’s built to last

And you don’t want your cold brew kit to leave you high and dry when you’ve just introduced it to the menu. With the Toddy system, you rest assured your cold brew is in safe hands. Made from brewers grade stainless steel and engineered with functionality as a top priority, the Pro Series makes life easy. The valve is straightforward to remove and keep clean, while a single piece of stainless steel makes up the internal filter platform meaning no folds or pockets to trap those pesky grounds.

Overall, for cafés with a large cold brew customer base – this bit of kit will make your barista’s lives infinitely easier. But if you’re after something a little less… large, then we’ve got the answer to that too..

The Toddy Commercial Cold Coffee Brewing System

While the Toddy Cold Brew System Pro Series is great in a multitude of ways – if you’re strapped for space, there is an alternative. The Toddy Commercial Cold Coffee Brewing System with Lift uses the patented cold water extraction process to deliver exceptional cold brew with a delightfully full-bodied and aromatic flavour. And rather than its bigger brother’s 32 litres, the Toddy Commercial system yields approximately 11 litres of concentrate.

So there you have it – the answer to your cold brew woes. For a full list of our cold brew gadgets that will have your customer’s running back for more, click here.

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