5 cleaning products you need for your coffee shop, now!

Running a coffee shop isn’t all glitz and glamour! In fact, most of it’s a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears (just as well you do a good job of keeping that out of the coffee!)

There’s so much to think about and keeping the premises and your equipment up to health and safety standards is a top priority for everyone – especially now.

That’s why we thought we’d give you a rundown of our top 5 cleaning must-haves for your coffee shop, so weighing up the pros and cons yourself is one less thing to worry about.

  1. Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner

We love this little tub almost as much as we love Cafetto EVO! Not only is this range completely organic and biodegradable, but its intense cleaning power doesn’t mean bad news for your kit – hard on muck but kind on your expensive equipment. Each tub comes with a scoop to help with portion control so your tub costs less per use so is more economically sound than other free-pour cleaners. Win-win - who doesn’t want to save money?!

  1. Cafetto Evo Organic Liquid Descaler

Limescale – the arch enemy of your coffee kit. If you’re sick of trying to scrub this stuff off your equipment with white vinegar then this one’s for you. Organically certified, this concentrated liquid is specifically designed to decalcify espresso machine water tanks and other brewing equipment. It contains a blend of 4 organic acids that give exceptional scale removal – and with practically no odour!

  1. Rhino Barista Cloth Set

Keeping on top of your coffee machine cleaning throughout the day is a must – and so is this Barista Cloth Set from Rhino. The set contains 4 cloths, each with their own unique function, so you know you’ve got one that’s perfect for every job at hand. Using a unique blend of polymide and polyester, these heavy duty cloths do a brilliant job of keeping your coffee equipment clean and ready for quality coffee production. The coffee cloth also comes complete with a "belt clip" meaning this generous knee length cloth makes keeping your machine in A1 condition a breeze.

  1. Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush

Want rid of those unwanted coffee grounds that gather on your group head, showers and group seals? Then you need this in your kit. The sculpted arch makes sure your hands are free from hot water meeting your skin, and the base of the brush has a built-in dosage scoop so you can be sure your backflushing powder is accurate and consistent every time. If you’re worried about the bristles wearing out – don’t be – they’re available in packs of 3 so can be replaced easily without having to buy a whole new brush!

  1. Cafetto Grinder Cleaner

Your grinder is only as good as its burrs and they can get really clogged with coffee bean residue when they’re used day in, day out. Making sure they’re cleaned thoroughly should be a crucial part of your grinder maintenance. The Cafetto Grinder Clean effectively removes coffee oils, deposits and flavoured coffee odours from grinder burrs and casings so you can be sure your machine is in top-notch coffee-grinding condition.

And there we have it. Our top 5 must have cleaning products for your coffee shop. No one loves the clean-up, but with these in your toolkit the job becomes a whole lot easier.

And if you order multiple items you can enjoy excellent trade discounts on your purchases – you’ll be cleaning up more than just your countertops.


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