10 Must-Haves For Your Coffee Shop Websites

So your coffee shop is dressed to kill – but what about your virtual shop front? Yes, we’re talking about your website. 


To truly stand out from your competitors and leave a positive first impression, you will need a high-quality website. It’s easy to neglect these areas when you’re busy running a shop, but the customer experience often starts long before they set foot in your premises, so you must have your website in order, to set you off on the right foot! 


You’d be surprised how many people don't like doing business with someone because of a poor experience online.


So what should you be focusing on? Here are 10 things all coffee shop websites must have…

  1. A Menu Page

Often, new customers will look at your menu and reviews online before deciding to stop by, so make sure you always have an updated list of your offerings on your website. This page should be a main tab in the upper navigation bar, with details on what drinks and food items you currently serve – and don’t forget to highlight any specials.

Remember to revisit this page frequently, and put someone in charge of updating it. For example, with world events impacting the supply chain, you may be altering your menu due to a shortage of ingredients. If this is the case, ensure your online menu is accurate.

  1. A Detailed About Page

One of the best ways to create a loyal base of customers is by sharing your story and why you’re different from other coffee shops. This isn’t about listing the awards you picked up back in secondary school! In website land, this means having a great ‘About’ page that features your team members, discusses your history, and focuses on storytelling – always keeping your customer at the centre of what you do.

The best About pages share more than just their coffee shop’s opening date — they speak to what the customer is looking for and are honest, entertaining, and enjoyable to read. They convey a sense of community and invite people to be a part of that. Be sure to include a handful of high-quality photos here as well. Customers are more likely to frequent a shop where they can put faces to names.

  1. A Shop Page

If you sell coffee beans or brewing accessories, you’ll want a shop page on your website. Make it easy for customers to get what they need from your shop. From milk pitchers to electric grindersCoffee Hit has a variety of gear you can sell in your shop. Plus, you’ll get our discounted rates with a Trade account, so you can add an extra stream of income to your business.

  1. A Contact Form

Though directly calling your shop may be the easiest option, you’ll want to add a contact form to your site for those who prefer sending messages online. It will also prevent your team from having to answer the phone when they should be focused on making great coffee. You may also consider including a chatbot on your site, programmed to answer frequently asked questions – so people can streamline their communication with your shop.

  1. Email Sign-Up Forms

Email marketing is a strategic way for you to grow your business. If you’re not already, you’ll want to take advantage of this highly cost-effective marketing method. And as you aim to grow your list of subscribers, you’ll want to include multiple opportunities for people to join your list on your website.

Should you have a lead generator (a free item or service that’s given away to gather contact details), include it on your homepage, as this will incentivise visitors to join your list. Adding a short sign-up form to the bottom of each page is also smart. (And don’t forget to use your Wi-Fi sign-in as a route to capturing customers’ email addresses too!)

  1. Social Media Links

Similar to email marketing, social media marketing is another innovative way to grow your coffee shop and increase brand awareness. On each page of your website, mainly in the footer, you should include links to your social media pages. When people want to see more of what you have to offer, they can check out your socials - also increasing trust in your brand. 

  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are an easy way for your coffee shop to encourage customers to return. Make it simple for customers to buy a gift card for your shop by including a page for them to do so on your website. Running gift card specials around the holidays will also boost business, as gifts give people an extra reason to purchase. 

  1. Photos

Of course, all professional websites should have excellent copy, but you should always pair your copy with high-quality imagery. This means having photos on each page of your site. These photos can be of you and your team, drinks, and the inside of your shop. Use images to make your shop more recognisable and better define your brand's aesthetics. You can include these in a ‘gallery’ page, too, so people know what to expect when they visit you.

  1. Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes can help your coffee shop build trust with its customers, showing your appreciation for their business. Be sure to include a sign-up for your loyalty programme on your website. This means having a form where people can enter their phone number or email address, using it each time they place an order at your shop to gain points that they can use towards rewards and discounts.

Many shops offer deals such as buying nine drinks and getting the tenth one free or free food items when customers spend a certain amount of money. Use these loyalty programmes to increase repeat business and encourage all of your website visitors to join in.

  1. Essential Information

Once your website is full of must-have pages, you’ll want to include a handful of additional information. This means making sure your address, phone number, and up-to-date opening hours are on each page. Think of including them in the footer so that users always have access to this information no matter where they navigate. It should be easy for potential customers to see where to find you and when they can visit your shop.

While a professional website can run you a few thousand pounds, if you’re DIYing your site, as long as you focus on getting these key pages right, your customers are sure to have a great experience with you – online as well as off.

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