10 Must-Haves To Sell in Your Coffee Shop (Besides Amazing Coffee!)


If you want to run a well-known coffee shop and consistently turn a profit, you’re going to have to sell amazing coffee. But what about the other things you can sell to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Having a variety of offers is an incredible way for you not only to continue making money but to keep customers coming back and choosing your shop whenever they have any coffee-related needs.

To give your shop a unique edge, here are 10 must-haves you need to sell in your coffee shop – besides fantastic coffee (obviously…)

Coffee Mugs & Cups

Free marketing right here! Selling your favourite coffee mugs and cups is a great way to market your business. Include your logo on each item and add them to gift baskets people can share with their family and friends.

Even if you skip the branding, selling cups and mugs is a fun way to have your customers accessorise their drink choices. If they’re always on the go, tumblers and travel mugs are a great option. Take a look at some of our favourite mugs and cups:

  • Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug – with an aromatic wide mouth and true taste ceramic coating, this mug will allow your customers to enjoy coffee at its fullest, no matter where they’re at.
  •  Ancap Verona Flat White Cup & Saucer – this cup and saucer pairing is the perfect ratio for your drinks, with a design that preserves your coffee's aroma and flavour.
  • Fellow Carter Move Mug – with an inbuilt splash guard for those unexpected bumps, this mug’s slim design will fit into both your hand and bag with ease.
  • KeepCup Brew Cork Edition – ​​beautiful blown tempered glass with a custom cork grip and grey spill-free lid, this mug has a sleek design that your customers will love.

Sweet Treats

Macarons, cakes, pastries – who doesn’t love a sweet treat to accompany their morning cup of Joe? Partnering with a local bakery is a smart way to increase business. You could promote your coffee at said bakery while you offer their treats in your shop. It’s a win-win both ways!

And don’t feel as though you have to have a lengthy menu to keep customers coming back for more. Instead, try selling 5-10 items that pair well with your most popular drinks. For example, heavier scones and muffins balance well with warm flavours of Brazilian or Costa Rican blends. Research which pairings you could feature!

Savoury Sandwiches

Though many prefer sweet, you might find customers opt for something salty with their preferred brew, so consider partnering with a community-favourite sandwich shop to add a savoury option too to build brand awareness, elevate your menu, and attract new customers 

Coffee Grinders

An efficient grinder can make or break your brew. If you want your shop to stand out, think about selling a variety of hand and electric grinders. As you’re a coffee expert, novice coffee makers will trust your expertise!

Here are some of our favourite grinders, both hand and electric:

  • Rhino Tall Hand Grinder – this hand grinder gives you a more consistent grind size, allowing for better extraction and a tastier cup of coffee.
  • Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder – the ideal entry-level electric grinder, this machine is compact enough for any kitchen.
  • Fellow ODE Brew Grinder – this powerful and precise home grinder is full of café capabilities.
  • Brewista X Series Hand Grinder – with 60 coarseness settings your customers will be perfectly equipped to make coffee for drip filters, espresso, and the French press.

Cleaning Products

Making coffee isn’t always a mess-free process, but how many coffee shops do you see selling cleaning products? This is a great way to build trust between you and your customers. Share a variety of your favourite products as well as educating on the importance of cleaning your home brew coffee-making gear 

Here’s a list of our top choices for cleaning coffee gear:



T-shirts, gifts, aprons – there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to selling your own merchandise. These increase brand awareness, get your name out into the community, and add unique products to your shelves! Work with a design expert to craft an eye-catching logo for your merchandise. Start small and see which products your customers gravitate towards.

Coffee Makers

Whether manual or electric, selling a handful of your favourite coffee makers is an excellent way to boost profits. Your loyal customers will appreciate your recommendations on how to make the best brews. Here are some of our favourite coffee makers you could sell:

  • AeroPress Coffee Maker – this quick and easy coffee maker is a great low-budget option, delivering a smooth, full-flavoured brew with each use. (Save up to £14.58 per AeroPress when you buy 10)
  • Chemex 6 Cup Wood Neck Coffee Maker – featured in movies and museums worldwide, this coffee maker is a simple, timeless piece of art. (Save up to £13.12 on each Chemex when you buy 6)
  • Clever Coffee Dripper – we love this gadget – it makes brewing delicious coffee easy and mess free. (Save up to £14.57 on each Clever Coffee Dripper when you buy 12)
  • Hario V60 - a simple yet effective way to make great coffee at home – and it won’t take up too much space on your shelves! (Save up to £8.33 on each Hario V60 when you buy 40)

Coffee Prep Accessories

From pitchers to scales to filter papers, there’s a lot that goes into making that perfect cup of coffee. So why not sell some of these accessories to your customers? With our trade discount, you’ll be able to build a shop that no other place in town can compete with. Our favourite coffee accessories:

Gourmet Coffee

Think about selling bags of whole bean or ground coffee to your customers. Switch up the flavours and develop seasonal offerings to keep things interesting. Consider having a “flavour of the month” that your customers can try and rate on a scale of 1-10. Then, at the end of the month, you can share this average rating and rank each of the flavours you’ve sold thus far.

Going the extra mile with your products is how you’re going to keep customers interested and excited about coming to your shop, so find ways to make the experience interactive.

Coffee-related Gifts

Gift options are a must-have for your loyal customers. Put together a handful of gift baskets with merchandise, bags of coffee, coffee starters kits and food treats that pair well with your menu. Gift cards are a smart option, as well as coordinating your gifts according to the time of year.

Booming coffee shops usually offer more than just outstanding coffee. So if you’re ready to expand your offers, why not open a trade account with Coffee Hit? You’ll receive substantial discounts on many multiple purchases and can stock your shelves with high-quality items your customers find irresistible.

Learn more here and get the products you need to become the most-loved coffee shop in town!

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