The Best Ways To Advertise Your Coffee Shop

Advertising is your best friend when it comes to growing your business in both size and reputation. And while what ‘advertising’ means has changed over the years – shifting from print to digital – the need for it certainly hasn’t.

There are plenty of ways you can advertise your coffee shop – some that will cost you money, and some that won’t – but it’s vital that you utilise a range of techniques in order to hit the largest audiences and find out what works for you. Here we’ll go over some of the strategies you can use to best advertise your shop – allowing you to promote your business and make sure you’ve always got a steady stream of customers walking through your doors.

Use Your Storefront

One of the best (and simplest) ways to advertise your shop is by taking advantage of your storefront. You want to make sure your shop is aesthetically pleasing and appealing to those walking by. While advertising externally (i.e. online or in other areas) is fantastic for those who aren’t in the area yet, by making the most of your storefront you’re able to appeal to those who are ready and waiting to become your next customers.

Social Media Ads 

From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, there are plenty of platforms where you can advertise your shop. In fact, Facebook alone was responsible for 25% of all digital ads in 2020. Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to having a lot of potential customers all in one place so it’s vital that you start taking advantage of these if you want to increase your traffic.

Google Ads

Online ads can increase brand awareness by more than 80% – something your shop will need in order to generate new business. Implementing and testing a variety of Google advertisements is a smart way to get your shop in front of potential customers. Create a handful of different ad options and see which headlines are most effective. Once you find the one, you can continue running it for the best results.


Many shops underestimate the power of visually-appealing signage. This may mean leaving flyers in other local businesses or, should your budget allow, a billboard in a popular spot in your community. Before doing so, you’ll want to make sure you finalise your branding, so you can create signs that potential customers will appreciate and begin to recognise.


Partnering with businesses around your community or local influencers is a fantastic way to advertise your business. Your partners can share information about you on their website or social media platforms, further driving traffic to your shop. Take a look online and see who you can partner with, as even the smallest connections can have a major impact on your bottom line.


Though much different from a traditional advertisement, attending networking and business events is an incredible way for you to promote your coffee shop. By doing so, you’re connecting with other business leaders who can help spread the word about your business. Plus, you’ll have an easier time creating those partnerships mentioned above.


Selling tumblers, mugs, t-shirts, and badges is a great way to ensure your customers become walking advertisements for your brand. These items can be created with your unique branding, making you more easily recognisable around the community. You’ll not only have the potential to drive up sales with the free advertisement you’re getting from those using your products, but you can boost profits from the sales of the items too. Win-win.

Word of Mouth

When you make a great first impression, customers are likely to tell their friends and family about your shop. This advertising method is cost-effective (as it’s free!) and can be incredibly impactful. Make sure you prioritise your customer service strategies to ensure all feel welcome as soon as they walk through your doors. If you do that, they’re more likely to return and bring someone along the next time they do.


Many coffee lovers are familiar with apps such as Yelp and Open Table. Make it a goal to list your business here - encouraging visitors to leave a review of their positive experience when they visit your shop. This way, when someone searches for coffee shops in your area, you’ll be one of the first to pop up.

Advertising your business doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Take these tactics into account the next time you’re mapping out ways to bring in additional business, With careful planning - you’re sure to have new customers walking through your doors.

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