40 Social Media Post Ideas for Coffee Shops

If you want to build brand awareness and have a steady flow of customers walking through your door, it helps to be showing up on social media. With more than 4.5 billion users spending an average of 2+ hours on social media daily, these platforms are the place to be when it comes to showcasing your coffee shop.

But while you’re aware you should be regularly posting on these platforms, knowing what to post/lacking content inspiration can hold you back. We get it. Which is why we’re here to give you a helping hand by putting together a list of 40 different post ideas you can use to spice up your feed. Take a look and start incorporating these engaging content pieces into your next round of social media posts when you’re stuck for ideas.

1. Your story - Share why you started your business and what you love most about it (try to relate this back to your customer and the problem you solve for them).
2. Your name - Is there a reason behind your shop’s name? A funny, interesting or wholesome story that made you choose it? Talk about it!
3. Drink of the month - Highlight a drink you’d recommend customers try this month and why you love it so much.
4. Employee of the month - Shine the spotlight on one of your hardworking employees, sharing some fun facts about them and why they love working for your shop (this is a good one to show gratitude for your staff too).
5. At-home brewing tips - For those days when customers can’t make it into your shop, share a handful of tips on how they can brew a great cup of coffee at home.
6. Sales & discounts - If you have any special offers, promote them through your social media channels and encourage customers to take advantage of them before they’re gone.
7. Contests & giveaways - Whether a gift card or a special mug, run a contest or giveaway to promote your shop, increase engagement and gain new followers.
8. Shop walkthrough - Video tends to perform well on social media, so take your followers on a walk through your shop, highlighting your favourite spots or areas they might not see as a customer.
9. Supplier behind-the-scenes - Showcase what happens when you get a coffee bean shipment and how you like to work with your suppliers.
10. User-generated content - Feature a photo or video from one of your followers, and be sure to give them credit for their work. Maybe include an incentive for people to post and tag you, for example a ‘customer photo of the week/month’ where the chosen account gets a free coffee in return.
11. New menu item - Have something new for your customers? Hype it up it all over your channels!
12. Testimonials - Reviews are excellent for social proof – people want to hear why you’re great from their peers, not just from you, so be sure to share a handful of positive ones you’ve received.
13. Seasonal menu items - Talk about your latest seasonal items online, whether it’s pumpkin, peppermint, or a fun spring flavour.
14. Order pairings - If you serve sweet or savoury treats, dive into which items you’d pair with which drinks, encouraging your customers to try something new.
15. Loyalty programme promotion - Remind your followers about your loyalty programme and discuss the benefits it offers.
16. Coffee quotes - Share a fun quote about coffee – true coffee lovers will relate!
17. Coffee GIFs - Everyone loves a good gif. Post one to your channels to entertain your audience.
18. Feedback request - Post a survey and ask your followers to share feedback and ideas regarding your shop. Incentives like free drinks on proof of completion can help get these rolling in.
19. Poll - Share a poll and have your customers vote on their favourite option, from specific drinks to new flavours.
20. How-to video - Walk your followers through how one of your most popular drinks is made.
21. Opening routine - The next time you open your shop, take your followers through your opening routine.
22. Question of the day - Ask your audience a fun question about coffee, whether it’s their favourite type of roast or what their go-to order is. It’s always smart to encourage engagement!
23. Live video - Go live and show your baristas at work.
24. Supplier shoutout - Tag one of your suppliers and tell your followers how much you appreciate your partnership with them.
25. Team member takeover - Have a team member take over one of your pages for the day to share what it’s like to work for your shop.
26. Staff drink choices - Post a fun graphic that lists each of your staff member’s favourite drinks and why they recommend them to customers.
27. Flavour requests - Ask your followers if they have a flavour or drink they’d like to see on your menu.
28. Mug feature - Take an aesthetically-pleasing photo of a mug with your logo on it to boost brand awareness.
29. Community shoutout - Feature a local business and recommend them to your audience.
30. Nearby hotspots - If there’s a local park or something fun to do near your shop, show your followers where they can go after grabbing a cup of their favourite coffee.
31. Email list promotion - Encourage your audience to sign up for your email list so they never miss a beat.
32. AMA – Ask me anything - Let your followers know they can ask any questions they’d like today, and you’ll be sure to answer them.
33. Staff having fun - If you’re having a team bonding or training a new employee, showcase them on social media so your customers can see you all having a great time together.
34. Fill in the blank - For example, “My favourite coffee order is _____.”
35. Equipment recommendation - Discuss your top recommendations for coffee brewing gear. And remember, you can get the best gear from Coffee Hit!
36. Thank you - Take time to thank your customers for their support.
37. Upcoming events - If you’ll be hosting an event soon, or attending one in the community, be sure to share details on social media.
38. Your birthday - Celebrate the day you opened your doors and first started your coffee shop. You could run a promotion like ‘the first xx number of customers through your door get a free coffee’ on the day and promote that too.
39. Coffee fun facts - There are so many fun facts about coffee, so consider sharing a handful of surprising statistics your audience might not know about.
40. FAQs - Post a list of FAQs you often receive with the detailed answers your customers are looking for. If you share these to your stories on Instagram you can then create a highlight making it easy for your customers to find whenever they want to.

Social media can fall to the bottom of your list of priorities when you’re busy running a coffee shop, but with these content ideas under your belt you might just find the inspiration you need to make your channels the exciting place they deserve to be.

And once your social media platforms are taken care of, remember to create a trade account with Coffee Hit. You’ll get the high-quality equipment you need at stellar prices, delivered directly to your shop. Learn more about our offers here, and be sure to send us a message if you have any questions.