Rhino Javan Coffee Cup & Saucer

£1.50 (excl. VAT)

The Javan range of cups are designed by us at Coffee Hit and are part of our Rhino Coffee Gear range of quality barista and cafe ware.

The features and rounded internal shape to aid pouring espresso and latte art. The lip of the cup is tapered so it feels light in the mouth.

The porcelain and glaze are the highest quality and designed to last in a busy cafe setting. 

The saucers have been designed to allow the cup and saucer to be easily picked up. The saucer features a higher edge so you can get your finger easily underneath to lift the cup and saucer without fear of spillage.

We have a range of contemporary colours that will look great in any cafe or home. We're proud to have bought these cups to life and to be able to offer them to you.