Rhino Coffee Gear Gold Pro Milk Pitchers



£16.58 (excl. VAT)

The Rhino Coffee Gear Professional Milk Pitcher has been developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry.

The professional range features etched incremental measurements in ounces and milliliters on both internal sides of the pitcher. This will decrease milk waste and save your cafe money as well as taking out the guesswork in pouring milk! Every barista has a different idea of how much milk is needed for one or two cups. These jugs help remove that subjectivity. Measure what you need in milliliters or ounces. Think of it this way: a cafe doing 250 cups of coffee per day could easily save a bottle of milk a day - this potentially translates into saving over $1,000 a year in wasted milk!

Designed with a 1mm thick food-grade stainless steel body which provides better stretch time for texturing milk - this is ideal for 360ml and 600ml (12oz & 20oz) sizes which also feature a perfectly designed spout for smooth pouring and latte art. The thicker steel also provides a great weight and professional feel.

Gold finish is available in 2 sizes -12oz (360ml) & 20oz (600ml).

Please note: Etched measurement lines may vary slightly from actual measurements and are to be used as a guide only.