Reg Barber Polished Aluminium Tamper

SKU: RBHPA-Flat58mm

SKU: RBHPA-C-Flat58mm

SKU: RBHPA-Ripple58mm

SKU: RBHPA-Flat58.35mm

SKU: RBHPA-Flat53mm

SKU: RBHPA-Flat49mm

SKU: RBHPA-USCurve58mm

Reg Barber
£57.50 (excl. VAT)

Over 20 years ago Reg Barber had an idea that would revolutionize the coffee and espresso industry. That idea was to turn the flimsy, plastic tamper of the past into a beautiful, easy to use Reg Barber Coffee Tamper. Today, our Coffee Tampers offer the best craftsmanship and functionality of any tamper in the world.

We dare you to try it— you won't know how you ever lived without it.