Mortimer Pure Drinking Chocolate Powder 2kg


£24.00 (excl. VAT)

West Africa has long produced quality cocoa that has been prized by European chocolatiers. It has a deep and fruity taste and is the mainstay of the majority of premium European chocolates.

Comes in 2kg tub.

30% cocoa solids

Produced and Packed in the UK by Mortimer Chocolate Company.

Serving Suggestions:

Make one cup

  1. Take an 8oz cup and add 20 grams of Mortimer Drinking Chocolate
  2. Add 10ml of boiling water and stir to form a smooth paste
  3. Steam 150ml of fresh milk, like you would a latte.
  4. Pour the textured milk over the paste, stir
  5. Top with dusting of chocolate powder

Make Chocolate Syrup base in Squeeze Bottle

  1. Take 160g of Mortimer Drinking Chocolate and add 60ml of very hot, not boiling, water
  2. Stir well to blend and pour into a plastic squeeze bottle
  3. Close lid and give a shake.
  4. Use by squeezing 1 tablespoon into a cup
  5. As textured milk as above
  6. Pro tip: Keep on top of espresso machine to keep chocolate paste in a runny, ready to serve, state.