Caffewerks Mavam Pro Shower Head Screen


£16.58 (excl. VAT)

These are high quality La Marzocco Type Shower Screens, better than OEM parts for your espresso machine. We have sourced some of the best repair and maintenance parts and have had them made to our specifications based on 20+ years of espresso preparation and service work. 

98 Hole 200 Micron stainless steel shower screen

Micro-perferated shower screens

Features: Polished 316 stainless steel

Shape: Standard dome shape with a slight level area around the dispersion disc landing area providing a positive seal.

Diameter OD: 56.5 mm

Diameter ID: 55.5 mm

Side Wall 3.8 mm

Center hole: 7 mm

Will fit: Mavam, Simonelli

The integrated 200 Micron photo etched membrane creates the best dispersion pattern over your coffee while reducing the build up of coffee on the back of the screen. This one piece design provides solid performance. Standard usage (15 kilos per week) will result in 3 months of service before suggested replacement.