Cafetto Capsule Pod Organic Cleaner

£5.75 (excl. VAT)

Coffee can develop an oily residue in the brewing chamber and in the delivery spout of a machine. The resulting coffee oil build-up can taint the flavour and taste of your coffee! 

Washing with warm water doenst remove this oily, putrid build up. 

The Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean is specifically designed for the Nespresso® capsule machines. Easy to use and effective. Use once a week to keep your machine clean and your coffee tasting better than ever.

Benefits of cleaning your Nespresso® capsule machine with Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean:
• Enables your machine to produce the best coffee flavour
• Improves the longevity of your equipment
• Removes build-up of coffee oils
• Eco-friendly – 100% biodegradable capsule and recyclable foil.

Box contents:
6 Capsules in pack