BWT BestAqua RO 22 HQ

SKU: Aqua_22

£2,750.00 (excl. VAT)
We have worked closely with BWT to develop and bring out what we consider to be the best Reverse Osmosis system available for coffee systems.


Where most Reverse Osmosis systems remove minerals from the water and then blend back in unfiltered water, causing problems with scale and giving you an unrefined TDS result, the BestAqua uses a remineralising cartridge to add specific minerals back including the flavour carrier Magnesium, giving optimum water for brewing coffee every time.


Includes BestAqua 22 unit, BestTaste filter for removing particulates and odour and BestMin for remineralising the treated water. Also includes all hoses for installation and a 24L water storage tank. This unit will run from mains water and does not require an external booster pump.