Lid Safe - Keeping Your Takeaway Lids Contact-Free


Over the last year or so retailers have had the importance of sanitation driven home time and again – and with COVID-19 cases escalating across Europe as we head into winter now is not the time to be lifting the foot off the pedal.

Consumers are still nervous and concerned about safety, so much so more than half will only go into shops with visible measures in place, choosing to spend far longer in shops and cafes that they deem to be ‘COVID-Safe’.

While hygiene screens, table ordering and contactless payment have provided ways to appease concerns and limit human contact, coffee shop owners have struggled to get around one conundrum – the takeaway lid.

Coffee-making is an art, requiring a hands-on approach for the best results. So contactless coffee to take away has been a virtual impossibility – until now.

Lid Safe – Keeping Contact With Customers’ Coffee To a Minimum

Lid Safe is a clever little gadget that helps to keep the lid of your takeaway cups clean of contact from your barista’s busy hands.

The device simply slips over the top of the lid, allowing you to lift it in place and apply light pressure onto the top of the cup to secure the lid properly, making sure your customer won't burn or spill their coffee. And all contact-free.

Lid Safe is also a timesaver. Lid Safe estimate baristas save 3-4 seconds per coffee placing the lid, saving you time and providing a way for your team to work more efficiently.

Different sizes to suit a range of cup sizes

Lide Safe comes in two sizes to fit a wide range of cup sizes

Small - Fits 6oz, 8oz and 10oz Cups

Large - Fits 12oz and 16oz Cups

Lid Safe is now available to order now. 

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your process – and show customers you care about their safe, the handy Lid Safe is a great investment at just £53.99 Ex VAT.


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