5 ways your coffee shop can boost profits over the festive period

With the festive season fast approaching, you might be wondering how your coffee shop can jump on board the bandwagon in a way that makes the most of people’s increased expenditure. It goes without saying just how significant the run-up to Christmas is for your shop’s annual turnover, with many customers choosing to flock to cosy coffee shops and bask in the ambience at this time of year. But there are certain ways you can increase your profit margins that go beyond a reliance on customers wanting a nice festive brew.

You’ve only got to look at Starbucks’ annual Christmas cup bonanza to see how effective a bit of festive marketing is at pulling in the punters. Those who haven’t stepped foot in a Starbucks for months make their way in store just to get a takeaway coffee in that year’s festive takeaway cup!

So which areas should you be focusing on in order to get more people over your threshold and increase your coffee shop’s profits?

  1. Develop a seasonal range

The festive period is a time of indulgence for many – used as an excuse to spoil ourselves with things we wouldn’t normally indulge in. Top of that list is food and drink that we might consider a bit ‘special’. Introducing a seasonal range of festive beverages and treats will help drum up excitement with your customers, and give them a chance to try something new (and a reason to visit you more often during the holiday period). Plus, festive syrups, cream or even a bit of bourbon cream won’t break the bank.

  1. Sell more than just coffee

People are looking for Christmas gifts - stocking fillers or something special for their coffee-obsessed loved one. This is the perfect opportunity for you to be selling more than just coffee in your shop (if you’re not already). We have a list of great ideas to sell in your coffee shop that would work for Christmas gifts too. You can find it here. Create a Christmas gift bundle - curate your shop’s favourite products and present them in clear wrapping with a luxurious ribbon, and you transform into a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your customers' coffee and Christmas shopping needs. Coffee lovers will jump at having a gift of your top recommended products.

  1. Sell gift vouchers

If you’re short on space in your shop, gift cards are a great option. They take up very little room and act as a lifesaver for those who have no idea what to buy for their friend, colleague or loved one. If buying in gift cards is a stress, you can even pre-stamp your loyalty cards and sell these in bulk packs for people to be able to use to get free food and drink.

  1. Sell experiences

People love buying experiences, whether for themselves or as gifts. Ideas for this could be a coffee cupping event, barista training, or a latte art workshop. These are great ways of increasing your profit as you don’t need to buy in anything extra – you’ve got the expertise, you’re just sharing it in a fun and engaging way! Events like these offer great upselling opportunities too.

  1. Open your space for office parties/work events

Have you considered the prospect of opening up your shop for workplaces looking to host a Christmas party or daytime work event? This can be an attractive revenue stream as many companies are on the hunt for places to take their staff at a time when so many places are booked up months in advance. And if guests wanted alcohol, you can look at getting a temporary event license. More information can be found on this here. Alternatively, you could look at how you might be able to provide other events/venues with delicious beverages and food during this period.

The festive season is full of opportunities to sell – and if you add in some of these ideas to your festive planning, you’re sure to unlock even more potential to pull in new customers and increase your profits.

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