10 Ways to Promote Your Coffee Shop on Facebook

Your shop may have the best coffee around, but if no one knows about it, you won’t build a thriving business. One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and get more customers walking through your doors? Facebook. You might think Facebook is dead and buried, but you’d be wrong!

This social media powerhouse has more than 1.8 billion active daily users, and is an excellent place for you to spread the word about your café. Here are 10 ways you can use Facebook to promote your coffee shop and increase business.

Tell Your Story

Facebook users typically scroll through the app to take a break from real life. They’re looking to be entertained, and sharing your story is a smart way for you to grab their attention. Don’t be shy here!

Use this platform to tell people more about why you started your business, any challenges you’ve faced, and your plans for the future. It’s okay to get personal – just remember to keep your reputation in mind with each post. Sharing your story will allow you to connect with customers on a deeper level, giving them a reason to choose your shop over those other ‘big-names’ who can feel somewhat impersonal.

Engage With Customers

If you want to promote your shop, you will need to interact with customers on Facebook. Respond to comments, answer messages, and stay on top of your notifications. You don’t want to ghost anybody here!

Engaging with your audience will showcase your responsiveness and your shop's willingness to help them. Yes, you’re behind a screen, but every action you take online represents your coffee shop as a whole. So take the time to focus on their needs and the effort they put into communicating with your brand.

Offer Deals and Specials

Social media is a fantastic place for promotions. To further promote your shop, think about offering Facebook-only deals and specials. For example, if someone shares your latest post, maybe they get 20% off their next order.

You could also consider having weekly or monthly deals that include discounts on products or giving away free items. Get creative here! Come up with a handful of specials that your audience can use as further incentives to stop by your shop.

Hold Contests

Facebook contests are excellent for growing your following and promoting your business. For example, you could encourage users to like, comment on, and share your latest post in exchange for a gift card or free drink. This will widen your reach by thousands and showcase your coffee shop to an entirely new audience.

There are rules to throwing contests on Facebook, which you can learn more about here. Be sure to follow them, and you’ll not only gain new customers but share a little something extra with your current ones.

Take People Behind the Scenes With Video

Remember that people come to Facebook to be entertained. Video content receives up to 30% more views than images alone so using this as a means of showing your audience something they’ve never seen before is a great way to build engagement.  

Think about showing users how one of your most popular menu items is made or what a day in the life looks like for one of your baristas. Again, it’s okay to get creative here! See which types of content resonate with your audience while highlighting the best parts of your shop.

Share Seasonal Content

If you’re offering seasonal menu items and hosting seasonal events at your shop, promoting these things on Facebook is a great way for your brand to stand out. In addition, sharing fun videos and specials related to current holidays will help you keep up with the trends while sharing relevant content!

Think about ways to use your seasonal menu or promotions on Facebook. This might include fun photos, quotes from your staff, or discounts on specific items.

Share User-Generated Content

Sharing content from your customers isn’t just good for your Facebook page, but your brand loyalty as well! The more you can engage with your audience and let them know you appreciate them, the more likely they are to frequent your coffee shop. So make it a goal to share one post per week from a customer or fan.

When you share user-generated content, you not only showcase your appreciation for your customers but spend less time curating content yourself. It’s a win-win!

Run Ads

Facebook ads are a powerful way for you to reach new people and increase brand awareness. Using paid advertising is a surefire way for your content to reach more people than you’d ever be able to organically. Working with a Facebook ad expert will help you promote your best content and gain new customers. Spend your money wisely, and you’re sure to reap the results here!

Showcase Your Products

Facebook is all about imagery, from photos to videos to graphics. That’s why it’s where you should be showcasing your products - whether it’s drinks, food, or accessories. Experiment with the types of content you share here – check your insights so you can see what does well and what doesn’t - and think about how you can showcase your products in a fun, engaging way.

Utilise Reviews

The more five-star reviews you gather on Facebook, the better your coffee shop will look. If someone is debating between visiting your shop or a competitor’s, but they see you have better reviews, they will be much more likely to visit yours. Everyone wants that guarantee before they part with their cash so reviews are a must.

Encourage all customers to leave a review on your page and be sure to respond personally to those that do. Good or bad, when people see your thoughtful responses, they’ll understand just how much you care about your customers.

Facebook is an incredible tool for promoting your coffee shop, so make it a goal to start showing up and showcasing all that your brand has to offer.