10 things to focus on to help your coffee shop grow in 2022

The best coffee shops might have high-quality brews, but they’re also great at staying on the ball when it comes to ways they grow their business. If your shop wants to stand out in 2022, that means staying on top of the latest must-haves for all coffee shops.

Not sure what to focus on? Here are 10 things you need to have on your radar this year if they’re not already.

  1. Increasing your social media presence

If you haven’t yet invested in a professional to manage your social media, now’s the time to do so. A solid social media presence is essential for all businesses - especially those in the food and beverage industry. Make sure your business shows up on these platforms, from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok.

Social media is the perfect place for you to not only feature your brews but your story and team as well. Consider having employee takeovers and featuring the faces behind your brand on each platform. Remember: people come to social media for entertainment - so think outside the box to make users stop scrolling and pay attention.

  1. Targeting a younger audience

As of 2018, 48% of 18 to 24-year-olds drink coffee. Gen Z might be vastly different from Gen Y - but let’s face it - coffee drinkers aren’t going anywhere. So your shop needs to consider younger audiences in your marketing efforts.

Showing up on social media is a great way to connect with younger audiences, but make sure you’re getting to know their drinking preferences as well. Include a few staples on your menu that younger customers would appreciate. Many opt for ready-to-go options, as well as iced drinks and unique flavours.

  1. Trying new brewing methods

Gone are the days when the most popular drink you sell is a simple black coffee. Cold brew, Nitro, and additional contemporary brewing methods are taking the coffee industry by storm, so to keep up with trends, experiment with the brewing methods you offer. Cold brew may once have felt like a phase - but it’s now a £400 million market.

Looking for accessories for these different brewing methods? Take a look here. We offer a variety of gear that’s perfect for coffee shops looking to expand their menu without breaking the bank.

  1. Adding milk alternatives

Non-dairy milk has also found itself a spot on coffee shop menus worldwide, with options such as almond, soy, and cashew milk becoming more of a staple in drinks, both hot and cold. To cater to a younger audience and those with food intolerances, add a variety of milk alternatives to your menu.

  1. Partnering with local businesses

To become a staple in your community, it’s smart to partner with other local businesses. Consider collaborating with a bakery or pastry hotspot, offering small bites customers can pair with their drinks. Sell coffee brewing gear and beans at the business you’re partnering with, thus increasing awareness and profits simultaneously. Make it a goal to attend a handful of networking events in 2022, so you can dig deep into your community and find out how to make a more significant impact.

  1. Hosting events and classes

Should your shop have the space, think about hosting a handful of coffee-related events. Tasting events or coffee brewing workshops are a fantastic way for you to get more people inside your doors and bring in an additional revenue stream. You may even consider offering a free drink coupon or discount to those who attend, so they’re more likely to stop by in the future.

  1. Adding more to your shop

A stellar menu is one thing, but if you want to become a one-stop shop for all things coffee, consider adding more to your shop. This means selling coffee gear and accessories, as well as merchandise for customers to take home with them. Coffee Hit has a variety of coffee gear to choose from, which you can take a look at here.

The best coffee shops sell more than coffee, so think about the products you can add to your store to build credibility.

  1. Stepping up your tech

If your coffee shop doesn’t already have a detailed point of sale (POS) system, it’s wise to invest in one. These systems will help you track your inventory and provide real-time insights into your revenue and expenses. It’ll also optimise your ordering, making it easy for customers to pay, and will help your team provide exceptional service. The best technological solutions can save time, money, and energy — three things you’ll want to consider.

  1. Experimenting with flavours and ingredients

Coffee shops that stay ahead of today’s trends aren’t afraid to get creative with their flavours and the types of drinks they offer. There’s a big push towards the health-conscious customer right now - so whether it’s turmeric lattes or CBD-infused drinks you’re offering - it’s wise to consider adding a handful of different options to your menu, or having a drink of the month special that people can try.

  1. Embracing sustainability

In the UK alone, approximately 7 million to-go coffee cups are used each day. Trailblazing coffee shops are putting sustainability at the forefront of their offer, sourcing coffee from Fairtrade certified farms. Think about how your shop can start taking sustainability seriously in 2022.

This might mean using recyclable cups, selling mugs that customers can bring in for refills, or partnering with Rainforest Alliance Certified farmers. Look out for vendors with a UTZ Certified seal.

Keeping up with the latest coffee shop trends will ensure your business doesn’t fall behind. By focusing more on these areas, your brand can stay relevant and attract new customers all year round.

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